Vigil For Japan Earthquake Victims

Candlelight Prayers A candlelight vigil and fundraiser for the victims of Japan’s massive earthquake and tsunami was held on the steps of Oregon’s State Capitol in Salem, Oregon on a rainy late afternoon on March 23, 2011.

Candlelight Prayers
Speakers from all over Oregon came to talk about the disaster in Japan and the needs of the Japanese people.

Organized with the Japan Cultural Society, the candlelight vigil and fundraiser included speeches from Takamichi Okabe, consul general of Japan in Portland; Masaaki Moriya, president of Yamasa Corp. USA; and Salem city Councilor Chuck Bennett.

Speakers related concerns and stories about friends, relatives and colleagues affected by the tragedy. Donations were collected.

The event included performances of traditional Japanese music both before and after the vigil. The performances featured a Japanese drum troupe and solos with a 13-stringed ancient Koto instrument.

Pictured to the right is Japan’s newly installed Consul-General of Japan for Oregon and southern Idaho, Mr. Takamichi Okabe, and Andrew Brown, the event organizer, who also acted as Master of Ceremonies.

More Pictures of this Event

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