The Mormon Barns

Alpenglow off the Grand Tetons at the John Moulton Barn

The Mormon Barns, located just inside Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, are probably the most photographed barns in the world.

Literally 10s to hundreds of amateur and professional photographers trek there every day of the year to take pictures of them. The pros take tour buses there for field trips and technical photography training.

Mine are only a meager sampling of their incredible beauty captured on one July morning.

Being there at the right time of day or the right conditions makes all the difference in the world to the landscape photographer.

I drove all night from the Red Desert to be there just before sunrise to capture alpenglow off the Grand Teton Mountains. I got the glow, but not any great clouds. Good clouds would have made it perfect. Next time, perhaps.

The Heninger Barn

There are several Mormon Barns. They are located on a dirt road called Mormon Row just a mile or so east of the main Jackson Highway that bisects the park on the way up north to Yellowstone.

The T. A. Moulton Barn

Another of the justly famous Mormon barns is the Heninger Barn located just a hundred yards (meters) or so north of the famous John Moulton Barn.

Another very famous barn is the T.A. Moulton Barn. It is located about a quarter mile (400 meters) south of the John Moulton Barn.

On that July day I was lucky enough to capture a small herd of buffalo passing in front of the barn on their way north to a big open field.

Flora at the Grand Tetons

Driving back out to the main highway after morning photography I spotted a photographer crouched down and intent on his subject at the side of the road.

I stopped.

He told me he’d recorded 8 gigabytes of pictures of his flora subject. I agreed it was incredible and captured this image I combined from two separate pictures. I was unable to get wide DOF into a single frame the way I wanted it.

Wyoming Gallery

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5 Responses to The Mormon Barns

    • azleader says:

      Thanks… I’m a landscape photographer and this is just a start to a photo blog I’m beginning where I will talk about images I record in out of the way places in the USA.

      Obviously, the Mormon Barns are very famous but the places and photographs I’ll record in the future will be from places few landscape photographers in the United States have ever heard of before.

  1. Steve Anchell says:

    Good work, Steve.

  2. randel says:

    Flora at Grand Tetons is very attractive, a stunning visual. I will never get there, but very cool to see. Thanx for the sharing and photo editing. Well done.

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