Little Finland

The Angry Dragon

I’m unsure if this desert wilderness has an official name, but it has been dubbed “Little Finland” by European photographers for its diminutive size and the many “fins” on its gargoyle-like geologic features.

Be persistent and you will be able to find this place. All I’ll say is that the night before I went in I finished 2nd in a Texas Hold’em poker tournament for enough winnings to buy what now is my favorite pistol grip tripod head with change to spare. 🙂

Desert Wilderness Photography

The desert wilderness landscape photographer must be ever prepared for the unexpected and for all contingencies. You make long bone-jarring drives through gawd-awful,  desolate territory to reach your goal.

The Baby Pelican

Breakdowns in these places in the 100+ degree heat of summer or sub-zero cold of winter can be life threatening.

When I go into remote places I’m always prepared for all contingencies. You have to be. Failure to be prepared puts a major crimp in your day. I’ve had to dig myself out of precarious situations a time or two and its never fun.

Getting to Little Finland

This time its an arduous 7o+ mile drive off the main highway over dirt roads and along a long, road-less and sandy wash plus a short hike and a climb to get to this relatively compact, magical ledge.

Left Boob

For my overnight trek I spent a day driving there stopping to photograph petroglyphs and other interesting tidbits along the way. As per normal, I car camped nearby, this time under a quiet, dark, cloudless and moonless sky in spring. I drove back out the next day.

I have a perfectly good tent and camping gear but I rarely use them.  As I did here, when tired I just lower the driver side seat full back and sleep like a baby.

Photographing Little Finland

Hobgolin Traffic Cop

This over-nighter allowed me to photograph the site both at sunset and at sunrise. What is great about that is that you get completely different lighting each time.

Its not a big place, but everywhere you turn there is something interesting or unique to photograph.

This is a place worth many trips over many season’s and weather conditions for those intrepid few in search of the perfect landscape photograph.

More Images of Little Finland

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2 Responses to Little Finland

  1. Sartenada says:

    I have never heard about Little Finland, but from Finland of course, because I live in Finland. 🙂 Interesting, indeed.

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