Jordan Craters

Coffee Pot Crater at Jordan Craters

Greetings from Winnemucca – the garden spot of north central Nevada! A McDonald’s is the first place with Internet service I’ve seen. Heck, I haven’t had cell service since I passed through Burns, Oregon – yesterday.

First stop was Jordan Craters, a place I’ve never been, but part of a long term Owyhee photography project I’m working on.

First Pit Stop

Jordan Craters is a 27 square mile olivine, mostly pahoehoe flow tucked away in a far, far corner of sparsely populated southeast Oregon. Its not kept purposely secret but even few Oregonians have ever heard of it.

Pahoehoe Lava Flow

Phoehoe lava is the glowing, runny kind of lava you see chasing natives down the slopes of volcanoes in old movies.

It is 26 miles or so off a main road and my original plan was to photograph it at sunset. Heavy rain ruined that idea and since I discovered it is a better sunrise site I decided to car camp until morning and the weather more cooperative.

I’ll be interested to see how the HDR shots I took turn out when I get back.

Lava Flood Plain

Jordan Craters Lava Flood Plain

This image shows a very large, flat lava flood plain made from lava flows coming out of Coffee Pot Crater.

Large flood basalts like this are the most common type of lava flows in the Pacific Northwest and found throughout the Columbia River Basin.

I was gonna try to go to the Oregon-Idaho-Nevada tri-state intersection point – it is the most remote in the United States – but the ground was still to soft, so I decided to save that for summer. 🙂

Instead, after turning around, I stopped to smell the high desert wildflowers. One was ant covered…

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1 Response to Jordan Craters

  1. greg says:

    This is another remote area I first encountered in 1982, I moved to Boise and found that I liked backpacking and camping the desert landscapes of E. Oregon. I found the Jordan Craters and hiked all over the flow and camped at the edges. There are linear cracks in some areas with blue green water a couple feet deep. Some areas were so smooth that I came back another time and rode a mt bike on it for a bit…but now the area is protected as a AEC, which is a good thing. thanks for your story and your pictures. greg

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