What Makes A Photographer Grumpy!

Here are typical reasons a landscape photographer gets grumpy on the road:

  • No World Class Photo Op
  • Long Bumpy Road to Reno
  • Finished Out-of-Money in Poker Tournament
  • Not Much to Show for the Day

Reno OR Bust!

Fly Geyser

There is nothing that will make me grumpier than not being able to photograph a world class photo op – my main target for this safari – and because of a lousy fence. I could see it from here and even took some pictures, but this sunrise is all I’m gonna share.

You can see Fly Geyser from here!!

I’m so grumpy I’m not even going to show you what makes Fly Geyser a world class photo op. You’ll have to look that up yourself.

If I were willing to spend $75 plus expenses to drive 650 miles round trip one week from now to photograph it in the middle of the day I can get the picture. 😦

Suffice it to say access is restricted.


Black Rock Playa

As you can see from the photo at the top, Interstate 80 to Reno turned out to be a lot bumpier than I remember it.

And I definitely don’t remember this 100 lane wide stretch of I-80. (See right ==>)

Guess I should not have taken that shortcut through the Black Rock Desert.

Finished Out-of-Money in Poker Tournament

Where Losers... Lose!

I’m torqued! Not only didn’t I get the geyser picture, but I finished 4th and one spot out of the money in a couple poker tournaments. I’m so torqued I’m not  gonna show anyone where that happened. (<== look left)

There was one silver lining. They did give me as many free Heinekens as I wanted.  I took advantage. 🙂

Not Much to Show

For about 150 miles of dirt road driving about all I got to show for it was some old license plates and a surprisingly difficult off-road trek to a plaque in the middle of nowhere showing the murder site of two old 19th century dudes.

One of the two dudes, Peter Lassen, helped pioneer a southern route to the Oregon Trail in 1848. Ironically, it was on that route, years later at this very spot, where he got murdered, just a few months after Oregon became a State.

Lassen and two partners were camping near the big rock behind the plaque in this picture when they were ambushed from those rocks you see up above.

The killers were never caught or identified.

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