Critters of The Big Empty

The Big Empty is a vast expanse of sparse vegetation and huge basins ringed by badlands formations and mountain ranges.

There has to be a way to capture it in a giant panorama some way but i haven’t found that perfect landscape yet.

Pronghorn running with wild horses

It is a home to about 1,500 wary wild horses that run free as the wind across the fence-less plains.

It’s also home to groups of pronghorn and other desert creatures.

I found some of them on a 3-day swing through the area with the Labor Day Weekend Red Desert Caravan.

The Killpecker Beetle

Ten-lined June Beetle?

We found a gold and white colored beetle at the top of the Killpecker Dunes. It looks like and probably is a Ten-Lined June Beetle (Polyphylla decemlineata)

Bottoms Up!

However, it is unusual in that it is far, far away from the normal habitat for that insect and its front feelers are much smaller. Perhaps it is a new species found in a remote desert locale.

Up Close and Personal

Horned Lizards

Ant-eating horned lizards are another type of common critter you’ll find hanging out in the Red Desert.

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