The Blue Bank Hoodoos

The Blue Bank Hoodoos

If you’ve never heard of these hoodoos before you are not alone. I just made up that name.

This particular Willwood Formation badlands group is tucked in amongst the oil and gas fields east of Worland, Wyoming.

Unlike the hoodoos of the Southwest these are pretty easy to access… if you know where they are.

The plan was to make a quick pit stop to capture a few images before speeding on to meet up with a group in Rock Springs for a 3-day Red Desert excursion.

There was only one teensy-weensy little problem… I did not know where they were!

I’d first seen them in this photo gallery by Dan Hayward:
Bad Lands, Blue Bank Road, Worland Wyoming Collection“-Dan Hayward

Flat Top

Dan, however, couldn’t remember where they were.

He did know this:

  • They are near Blue Bank Road – some 40 miles long
  • They are just off the road
  • They are not visible from the road
  • Washakie Museum staff told him about Blue Bank Rd.

When I got to Worland I stopped in at the Washakie Museum and the BLM Worland office next door. Surely, someone there would direct me. Nope! No one at either location had ever heard of them. The geologist at the BLM was out of the office.

Lay of the Land

Google Earth To The Rescue!

Undaunted, I decided to rely on good old Google Earth! I’d previously located and followed the full length of Blue Bank Road and set GPS coordinates of several likely hoodoo locations.

I then downloaded those coordinates as waypoints into my trusty little Garmin hand-held GPS.

A GPS is a Must!

For the true wilderness landscape photographer your second most important piece of equipment is a GSP. It gets you where there are no signs to guide you and then gets you out again. Don’t leave home without it!

Click for larger view

Precarious Balance

I use my GPS to capture and record the coordinates for my photographs.

As fate would have it I found the hoodoos at the first place I checked!

When leaving I checked along the rim in another likely spot and found another much larger set of hoodoos and more spectacular than Dan’s group.

These pictures are just teasers for all that is there. Be sure to click each one to see larger views.

Unfortunately, it was past sunset and I had to leave. 😦

That is reason enough to return. I set a waypoint and left!

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