Wildflowers in Snow

The tiny crocus vernus is the harbinger of Spring.

Its an exceptionally hearty, early blooming little ground hugger. In the wild valleys of the Oregon Country its not uncommon for it to sprout and bloom in early January while the dead leaves of fall’s conclusion remain full abundant.

It clumps into groups of bright yellow, lavender, white and mixed blossoms.

The lowly crocus often suffers the slings and arrows of nature’s fickle wintery whims. It gets hit with frost and, occasionally, with snow. Its tough, though. It doesn’t seem to care. It’s green leaves sprout like daggers toward the sky daring nature’s fury.

Occasionally, nature delivers.

Crocus in Snow

The snow was that awful slushy springtime kind that soaks and freezes you at the same time.

Unfortunately, the only proper way to photograph a crocus is laying flat at ground level.

Burrr! The wet slushy snow was not appealing!

But, fear not, the landscape photographer is always well prepared!

I, of course, have a handy blue tarp, always within easy reach, in my bag of photographer tricks… especially for just such eventualities!

In a dubious decision, I opted to keep the tarp nice, safe, clean and warm in its snug, protective pouch.

Down I went! Snap, shuffle, snap, shuffle, snap, shuffle, shuffle snap. Up I came… neatly soaked from neck to shoes… on my stomach side only!

Worried, passers-by stopped to ask if I needed assistance and if I was all right. In this area, folks laying still and face down in the snow are usually dead.

I just pointed at the ground level tripod and proudly held up the 5D mark II as if that were explanation enough.

Note to self… for future reference:
Use the tarp!

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