Springtime Snowfall at Sunrise (B&W)

Up yonder in the windswept valleys of Oregon, a snowfall in Spring is rarer than an honest lawyer.

Experiencing it at sunny sunrise is the rarest of treats.

A storm had stalled over the Siskayou Mountains and it snowed much of the night and throughout the previous day.

I had planned a photo shoot for the previous afternoon but, like a teasing temptress playing hard to get, nature often jealously guards her considerable charms.

It warmed! Snow had changed to slushy rain under dreary grey skies by early afternoon. It was melting. Curse the radar screen I stared at. It showing it happening all over the valley!

A fortuitous decision to wait until next morning for a hilltop photo safari turned out right.

The Hilltop Vista

The next morning, on the valley floor driving conditions were treacherous. Slushy, slippery snow covered all roads and fender benders were a dime a dozen. Cars at contorted angles were scattered like pickup sticks along roadside ditches.

Life threatening conditions, for sure.

Undaunted, yours truly braved dangerous terrain… ever searching for the perfect image!

My lofty goal: The wooded top of secluded Fishback Hill.

Secluded Beauty

A lifelong friend owns the top of Fishback Hill. You’d think she’d know better by now, but allowed me to come visit under the false pretense of checking up on her health and safety.

As remarkable coincidence would have it, I happened to have everything needed to capture images. Imagine that! Why… the chance of that can’t be more than… say… 100%… or less.

She has a lofty panoramic view. The seduction of her deck furniture was impossible for me to resist.

The Deck

The best thing about the deck for this shoot is that it faces the rising sun. I was giddy with excitement.

Sun side exposure is a must!

Every landscape photographer worth their salt knows that sunrise is the best light of the day. Ya gotta be a morning person to be a landscape photographer… or become one.

There was probably 7 to 8 inches of snow, judging by the knee-high soaking of my pant legs.

It was worth every dripping moment of it.

Every direction I turned, I was awash in great images. It was intoxicated dashing all about!

More images from this fun photo shoot can be found here:
Springtime Snow in Oregon” – azleader, March 2012

In Conclusion…

Parts of this story maybe… just MAYBE… were slightly embellished a tiny little bit, as we say in the photog biz, for “added viewer interest”.

Heck, I’m a landscape photographer for crying out loud!! We are worse than drunken sailors when it comes to bragging about our exploits.

In the writing biz we call it “literary license”. You gotta expect it.

After all, I’m an artist!!!

I throw up before post processing every image!! I’ve lost expensive equipment all over the western United States I get so entranced. I break wine glasses in fireplaces on a whim!

But this photo story is mostly true… sorta like a movie where they say “based on”.

What is absolutely 100% true, though, is that the Queen of Fishback Hill knows my ulterior motives very well.

One time she was in Phoenix, Arizona on business and rode with me all night 350 miles to the middle of Monument Valley so that I could take pictures of it in 15 degree temperatures at sunrise in wintertime… and then drove all the way back the same day!

I was an overflowing chatterbox the entire time. She graciously put up with it.

For that I thank her and thank her, too, for sharing her hilltop hideaway for a couple hours so that I might indulge my eccentricities.

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Learning to see life more clearly... one image at a time!
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