Valley of the Giants!

Hidden entrance into the Valley of the Giants!

Before you get all excited, it IS a truthful article title but, as fate would have it, it turned into a literary metaphor, a sorta teachable moment, cleverly designed to convey one immutable law of landscape photography:

You can’t always get what you want!
– Rolling Stones, 1969

Plus its ever-present corollary:

 Letdown is inversely proportional to drive distance!

As much as the landscape photographer carefully plans every exacting detail, things don’t always go as planned. Nature and incompetence conspire against photographers.

For example:

  • The sky clouds over at sunset
  • There is pea-soup fog at The Grand Canyon
  • Hurricane force winds cancel the annual balloon festival
  • You miss the lowest tide of the last half-century by 12 hours
  • You leave your expensive UDMA SD cards at home, 500 miles away

Stuff like that. I’ve read in books where those things happen to other, inferior photographers, but not me… NOT ME! Oh, no! Never! Never, I say, never ME!!

And it always seems that the further you drive the more likely you will be disappointed.

Destination: Valley of the Giants!

Green-eyed Grasshopper in the V of G!

And so the story begins…

Once upon a time, to a wild untamed wilderness far, far away… a naive, but lovable, landscape photographer plans a photo safari to Oregon’s mighty Valley of the Giants!

It is a rare and protected grove of old growth Douglas Fir trees.

Its one of those far out-of-the-way places hidden in a rugged canyon hollow, tucked high atop the Coast Range Mountains. He uploaded at least 40 waypoints into his trusty GPS with, not one, but TWO routes to reach his prize.

Tiny Wildflower in the V of G!

The plan is to capture tall, sentinel-like Douglas Firs towering over a deep, dark enchanted forest. The pictures are then post-processed as high-contrast, dark and foreboding B/W.

The guiding waypoints worked flawlessly. It was 30+ miles over a maze of unmarked logging roads. Got there, no problem.

The big tress are there. The photographer is there. The camera and lenses are there. And, yes, even the UDMA SD cards are there.

Photographs are taken and recorded on the aforementioned SD cards.

A vine within the Valley of the Giants!

So What happened?

Highly trained professional landscape photographers use technical jargon to describe the resulting unfortunate circumstance regarding the capture of tall trees:

The pictures sucked!!!

Proper lighting, intriguing angles, pleasing undergrowth and worthy composable scenes were just not found. Sure… the photographer was incompetent, all right! I’m just glad it wasn’t me. 😉 😉

There ya go. Once more, the best laid plans of mice and men go astray.

Fortunately, the temperate rainforest provides tiny wildflowers in winter, green-eyed grasshoppers and other stuff to ease the pain. There is more to life than a tall tree!

Lesson Learn

Don’t plan so hard… go with the  flow… Mother Nature will always provide something cool to photograph!

You can’t always get what you want!

But if you try sometimes, well you just might find,
You get what you need!
– Rolling Stones, 1969

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