Shifting Whispering Sands

The world is filled with fascinating undiscovered landscape photo opportunities that get very little attention from photographers. You have to either be lucky enough or hard working enough to find them.

Being lazy, I was lucky enough to stumble upon one such discovery.

A fascinating wintertime photo study can be found each year tucked away in the tiny fishing port of Waldport on Oregon’s wild, tempestuous central coast.

In wintertime, along Oregon’s coastline, storms ravish it with winds in excess of 100 miles per hour. The central coast regularly has hurricane force winds never reported on CNN.

At aptly named Cape Foulweather, a few miles north of Waldport, storm winds as high as 155 miles per hour have been recorded. That’s Cat 5 hurricane speed!

As a testament to man’s folly against nature, a housing development was built on the ocean side of a small sand spit at the mouth of the Alsea River in Waldport.

Every year storms blow drifting sands over the houses. Every year homeowners budget about $4,000 to cart it all away.

That information comes to us courtesy of the homeowner I met while taking pictures. He’d walked up the side of a dune to his rooftop where I found him sweeping sand off the tiles with a great big broom.

Apparently, these guys never read the warning label clearly posted in the Holy Bible about building on shifting sand!

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