Photographer Out-of-Water!

The Drummer!

I’m a landscape photographer through and through.

If I had my druthers, I’d druther be laying knee deep in reddish mud in the Grand Staircase getting the right angle on a panorama of the Paria River.

It’s best when there isn’t a soul around within 30 miles.

That is where I’m most comfortable. That is where I wanna be.

The Singer

The Guitarist

Occasionally, though, it’s good for the landscape photographer to… shall we say… expand their horizons. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

My greatest weakness is people pictures. I’ll never be good at it. I’ll never pretend I am… except for high paying customers, of course.

But opportunities to practice crop up.

One such opportunity is this cancer fundraiser put together by a 20-something kid at an eclectic bistro. It was mostly a concert with 4 performances.

The Folk Singer

The Balladeer

Like a lot of things, I didn’t wanna do it. But once I got warmed up I had a lot of fun. I can, occasionally, be quite the people person. It surprises me.

I still got to wallow around on the floor in front of the performers and the crowd while contorting into weird positions trying to get the shot.

The best part was I didn’t get cold, wet or super dirty. I pulled a quadricep, though!

To her credit, my business partner reserved commenting on the embarrassment of having to work with me and my… shall we say… unusual and often intrusive behavior. I just ignore weird looks I get. I’d look weird at me, too, so I understand.

The Artist/Composer

Mr. Bow-Tie

As my business partners might say… it isn’t exactly “star quality” imagery… but it’s a start.

The Great Advantage of People Photography - Meeting Cute Babes!!!

Some of the most interesting human photo subjects are desert dwellers who eke out a meager living in harsh climates. They got great faces and wear unique clothes.

I’ve encountered many such fascinating people living among landscapes, but rarely photograph them. This stuff is kinda fun… I think I MIGHT change. Naaaaa… lol!!!

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Learning to see life more clearly... one image at a time!
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5 Responses to Photographer Out-of-Water!

  1. The last one is especially good. …cause she is cute.

    • azleader says:

      As an artist, I – of course – am above trivial base motivations. I only care for the divine grace and beauty of the human form. Yeah, right! lol!!

  2. aFrankAngle says:

    Nice collection … but the last one is the most eye-catching.

    • azleader says:

      There is a mini-story behind that last picture…
      She is one of two girls collection donations for the event. The other girl was exceptionally attractive and flashed a ready smile for the camera. This one, however, was camera shy and turned away every time I approached.

      I got that picture by cracking jokes and catching her off guard when I quickly snapped the always-ready camera. I like her near Mona Lisa smile.

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