Quickie Through Vegas

Seems like every time I breeze through Las Vegas it is always on the way to somewhere else. But ya can’t pass through without taking one or two shots of casino night lights and play a little poker. It ain’t right if ya don’t.

If I pass through enough times I’ll build a whole photo collection. It’s a pain, though, with all the zillions of people. My preference always is remote open spaces. And I’ll either get a little richer or totally broke at the Vegas tables. 😉

Here are a couple shots this time around. The HD video of the fountain show at the Bellagio will have to wait until the return home before I can show that.

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Learning to see life more clearly... one image at a time!
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2 Responses to Quickie Through Vegas

  1. azleader says:

    Thanks…. but there were so many more I wanted to take that I did not get to. 😦

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