Nevada’s Valley of Fire

Elephant Rock in the Valley of Fire

“Valley of Fire” is Nevada’s first state park. It got bragging rights by a technique that does the gambling state proud… they cheated! The park got a head start by being declared a state park decades before there was a state parks department.

Nearby Las Vegas (sin city) also makes a name like “Valley of Fire” seem right, too. 😉

It is an oasis of geologic colors carved into Aztec Sandstone in an otherwise barren part of the Mojave Desert. The stone is 170 to 190 million years old, give or take a few days.

The formation on the left is called Atlatl Rock, but could just as easily be called King Kong’s Stoney-Faced Brother.

Like most of the Southwestern USA, various types of sandstone dominates the terrain.

There are petroglyphs carved into the blocky chunks of rock on the left. The lighter-colored stone formation on the right is an ancestral Anasazi Indian signpost that says, “They went that-a-way!”

This formation is called Arch Rock, or “The gateway to those other rocks way over there!”

It was a nice enough day, but less than 24 hours after these pictures were taken the park was closed due to severe flash flooding.

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4 Responses to Nevada’s Valley of Fire

  1. Melissa says:

    Valley of Fire is awesome! Very nice shots.

  2. Randel says:

    I have been there. When my car would not start, it became eerie; and I thought I was on Mars.

    • azleader says:

      It is a neat place… another place only physically about 15 miles away that I like even better. Its called the Hobgoblins by locals, but a European photographer named it “Little Finland”:

      It is both eerie and spooky and exceptionally cool!. It is remote, there are no signs telling you where it is, it is hard to find and you need GPS to locate it. It is not a place for car trouble. 🙂

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