Springtime in August on the North Rim

Indian Paintbrush in pristine spring-like colors

Its been an unusual summer, weather-wise, on the Grand Canyon’s northwest rim. The monsoons have been intense this year. My on-a-lark 71 mile drive down a dirt road to Toroweap ended 6.3 miles short of the goal. Flash floods washed out the road.

Being in the neighborhood anyway, I decided to switch gears and do other things… one of those things was to capture some spring-like flora and fauna that were out in force.

Desert lilies have large blossoms and are usually white. This species of lily is unusual for the way its pedals merge together with little spikes. I’m never seen it before. Don’t know what the orange wildflower is, either. šŸ˜‰

Two critters crossed my path…
The first was the Agassiz’s Desert Tortoise who darted out in front of me from a side bush. It is listed as a threatened species under the endangered species act. They mostly prowl the Sonora and Mojave deserts.

Desert tortoise sprinting across the road

Top side view of theĀ Agassiz’s Desert Tortoise

The other critter that crossed horns with me was a Tarantula Hawk.

Its a big sucker. It looks like a giant termite with orange wings. But don’t be fooled… it is a wasp and the most venomous insect in North America!!

Fortunately, it is generally non-aggressive toward anything but tarantulas. For them it bestows a particularly gruesome fate. It flies up from behind to land on the tarantula’sĀ  back and stings it in the abdomen.

The sting doesn’t kill… it paralyzes the spider. Then the wasp injects its eggs into spider and buries it in a burrow. The eggs hatch and the baby spiders feed off the still living spider until they are big enough to fend for themselves in this big ‘ol bad world.

Among other desert wildflowers currently blooming are Purple Aster, Desert Primrose, Yellow Desert Beeplant and Orange Globemallow :

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2 Responses to Springtime in August on the North Rim

  1. Good post

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    • azleader says:

      You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…
      My next hike tomorrow morning should result in some spectacular pictograph shots. They are at a fairly unknown place, but is like the “Grand Gallery” pictographs in Canyonlands NP. Life sized figures!

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