White Pocket

White Pocket at Sunset

The road is fraught with danger for the wilderness landscape photographer. I’d tried but twice before at other photo locations was forced to turn back because if inclement weather.

This time I chose to use the wet monsoons to my advantage… this time I’d try for White Pocket. The dampness had packed down the soft sand. Finally, I’d be able to navigate the long complex maze of sandy roads to get there!

I drove down from from hwy 89 on House Rock Valley Road. Little did I know it was closed at the Buckskin Gulch trail head. My ignorance paid off. I got through by crossing up steam on the flooded part.

The drive off House Rock Valley Road to White Pocket is not for the family car. High clearance 4-WD is needed. My problem is I’m not quite as high clearance as is needed. I got stuck in sand and had to dig out twice. Once on the way in and once on the way out.

Even with GPS it is easy to get lost. I made wrong turns twice but found my way back on course again.

A rock formation is sometimes called a ‘pocket’ because it has depressions in the stone where water gathers into pools when it rains. They get the name from cattle ranchers who use them as natural cattle troughs.

The pockets are usually bone dry. The idea of going there after monsoon rains, though, is to take pictures of reflections in the pools.

It was worth the effort!

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12 Responses to White Pocket

  1. Excellent series from a very difficult place to get to. Congrats!

  2. Gabriel | 加百利 says:

    Great capture’s , really impressive!

  3. benrowef64 says:

    Amazing images absolutely fantastic.

  4. Wiepkjen says:

    Wow, once again stunning pics. Great colours and composition of an amazing part of the world I didn’t even know existed.

    • azleader says:

      Not a lot of folks know that place exists… but it is a top-notch, world-class landscape photo opportunity. You usually don’t have much water in the pool which made for a special treat.

  5. greg says:

    thanks for the outstanding photos..inspired me to put on my fall bucket list….and I think.this is close to the “wave” feature in same area? thanks..g

    • azleader says:

      Just be sure you have a high clearance 4WD vehicle. You’ll need it!

      Though it is just 6 miles line-of-sight from “The Wave” to White Pocket there is no direct way to get from one to the other. Both places are off House Rock Valley Road, but getting to each is entirely different.

      “The Wave” is about a 2 mile hike from a parking area on the north section of the road near Wire Pass.

      White Pocket is a long, complex 13 mile drive one-way off the southern section of House Rock Valley Road beginning at the BLM 1066 turnoff. Deep sand is on a lot of it.

      Unless you have a good topo map or a plotted GPS route then you don’t stand a chance of making it there through the maze of unmarked dirt roads.

      NEVER EVER try to go there unless well prepared for wilderness survival. Have plenty of food and water and a shovel to dig out of the sand. It is very easy to get stuck and stranded. There is no cell phone service to call for help.

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