The Goosenecks

The Goosenecks are sort of the poor man’s version of its more famously photographed cousin – “Horseshoe Bend” – outside Page, Arizona. It is a twisty, turny portion of the San Juan River, a tributary of the Colorado, found upstream from Horseshoe Bend. It is near Mexican Hat, Utah.

The Goosenecks claim to fame over Horseshoe Bend is that there are two main loops of the river that come together in one place instead of just one. There are also several other necks in the area to.

Unfortunately, it is harder to capture them in photographs and the surrounding rock formations are not as breath-taking.

Below the rim there is a secondary ledge jutting further out over the river that looks like you can get a more spectacular view of the Goosenecks which will show the entire river and both nearby necks.

I couldn’t see a way to readily get down to it but, no doubt, it is the best view there is and should make quite a spectacular multi-image panorama.

Along the rim are two Indian spiritual rock arrangements. When you see things like that they usually have accumulated trinkets placed in them by passing tribesmen.

I have no idea what they mean, but I’ve seen the spiral arrangement in several other places in the southwest.

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4 Responses to The Goosenecks

  1. Lovely! Makes me want to go there! =)

  2. Paul Thompson says:

    Thanks for the posts. I have used your information for several visits to Oregon and Utah. Just one thing: The Goosenecks are on the San Juan.


    • azleader says:

      Correction made. Thanks, Paul, for setting me strait. You sure you got where you wanted to go from my information? 😉
      (Heck, I was only off 65 miles or so and did get the state right. lol!!!)

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