Wrong Side of the Law!

In the seamy underworld of wilderness landscape photography it’s not unusual for that unsavory breed to cross over into less than legal behaviors.

It happened 12 miles outside Page, Arizona. Details are hazy now, but driving at excessive highway speeds could have played a roll.

Light, after all, is the landscape photographer’s putty. For them it’s logical to think that the posted speed limit should be the speed of light. Johnny Law disagrees.

During the ensuing high speed chase, officers shot out Azleader’s front tire. It brought him to an ignominious halt after thump, thump, thumping over the crest of a hill onto a perilously thin road shoulder.

Protestations of innocence were ignored…

Later, Azleader liberated his vehicle from the police impound yard, repaired the flat and made off for the hills.

However, there was an occasional, disturbing banging sound that emanated from the right front wheel well… the same one with the flattened tire. Uh Oh!

It was like a rock or hard dirt clod tangled in a branch had got caught somewhere in the front wheel. No problem. Happens all the time in the wilderness. Azleader stopped, crawled under the car and searched. Nuthin’!

He got back in and drove on. More banging. Several searches under the car reveals nothing.

It was getting worse… and worse…

He ambles along the road at about 25mph for many miles to find a mechanic. He waves angry motorists around his partially disable transportation as it limped along.

At the repair shop, Azleader regaled the mechanic with his vast knowledge of motorized transportation and the internal combustion engine. Az theorized dozens of possible scenarios to assist in locating the cause.

After being suitably impressed, the mechanic pointed at the loosened snap of the leather front nose piece flap…


About azleader

Learning to see life more clearly... one image at a time!
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