Blue Canyon

Blue Canyon has all the amenities a wilderness landscape photographer could want… no people, no structures, no signs, no fences, vast spaces… and a passable dirt road, Indian Rt 7, that will take you down into its isolated interior.

The first thing to note about Blue Canyon is there isn’t a whole lot of blue to it.

I arrived at dusk and spent a quiet night there.

It is about 15 miles off the nearest paved road. On the drive in I saw no vehicles, houses or people… and just a couple fences.

The only sign of civilization was at one fence crossing where a single horse blocking the cattle guard. It eventually decided I was OK and allowed passage.

Spring wildflowers spread all across the canyon floor.

It is probably best known for its red topped hoodoos.

I spent a pleasant morning exploring before reluctantly returning to civilization.

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  1. culturemonk says:

    beautiful đŸ™‚

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