Morning at Yant Flat

If there is any “flat” to Yant Flat, I didn’t find it. It might better be called Yant “Kinda-sorta-almost-level-in-some-places” Flat.

The BLM spared no expense laying out a warm red carpet welcome for visitors with a single marker at the trail head. On a good day, the dirt parking area might hold three cars.

Yant Flat is a little known gem in extreme SE Utah very near St. George.

It has a lot in common with other better known sites like White Pocket, Yellow Rock or Coyote Buttes. Yant is about 120 miles west of them.

An interesting tidbit about Yant Flat is that it’s a virtually unknown world class geologic photo site within sight of a fairly large town.

The town seen in the upper left about 10 miles away is St. George: Population 75,000

Yant is high up on a cliff edge. It can be seen from St George if you look closely, but you  cannot drive strait to it.

Interesting features include petrified sand dunes from a long bygone epoch. Some look like odd shaped pieces fit together like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

It has great swirls of contrasting reds and whites and other unexpected wonders.

Mineral bearing water leeching through stone made the colorful swirls

On the way out I tried one of my famous shortcuts that often turn into longcuts. This longcut across the top of Yant Flat only added about 8/10ths of a mile in extra hiking.

However, on the longcut I did find an interesting coyote skeleton and encountered another wandering horse seeking treats that I did not have.

Cactus blossom and coyote skeleton combo

Azleader makes horsey friend on Yant Flat

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8 Responses to Morning at Yant Flat

  1. jane tompson says:

    You say it is not flat but is it steep? I am an amputee and would love to see this place in October. Also, can a high clearance SUV drive down the old jeep trail to get closer to edge so I don’t have to walk that mile????

    • azleader says:

      Like many places on BLM land across the west, the old jeep trail is blocked with boulders. They are returning places on protected lands back to their original pristine condition.

      I do not believe folks ever try going around it and drive down. It didn’t look like it to me. It is plowed up for about 300ft at the beginning.

      The walk to the rocks is pretty level, but since they are located on the edge of a cliff there is up and down on slickrock once you arrive.

      A married German couple, Isa and Stephen Synnatschke, posted a fantastic and detailed blog article documenting their visit. They are well-known, top-notch landscape photographers. Among other things, they include a picture of the blocked jeep trail and a downloadable topo map showing their hiking route. The topo is very useful.

      I HIGHLY recommend reading it:

      They went all the way to a place they named Candy Cliffs, but you would not need to. There are great things to see right at the end of the old jeep trail.

      If you are a Google Earth user I can send you my waypoints that identify things to look for. Email:

      • jane tompson says:

        Thanks! This is very helpful. Yes, we do use Google Earth so I would love to have your waypoints.

  2. rodeonexis says:

    Great post! Friends and I are backpacking Coyote Gulch in GSENM, and are looking for one more adventure before we drive to Vegas to fly out. I’ve been eyeballing pix of Yant Flats, and this just might be the spot. We would be looking to camp for the night and explore for sunset and sunrise. Any further recommendations? Your pix are very enticing…

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