Nevada Encounter

Diligent landscape photographers never know what they will unexpectedly discover driving hither and yon in their never-ending quest for the perfect landscape image.

For example, I was driving through Nevada on a lonely, bumpy dirt road taking one of my many famous shortcuts that often turn into hot, skull-jarring longcuts… while trying to find my way back to I-80…

The dirt road was plowed right smack dab through the middle of some sort of long abandoned, fallen-down dilapidated complex of stone structures.

I swear, with no encouragement from me, my CRV mysteriously slows down and stops at no-nothing places like this. It is as if I’ve run out of gas. I keep telling it I have a schedule to keep and the lighting is bad, but it doesn’t listen.

Having no choice, I walked around to take a look.

Something I found fascinating that I had never seen before were European American hand-painted pioneer ceramic dish shards mixed in with Native American pottery shards.

They were scattered around a small, raised, circular kinda shrine-like structure unlike anything else at the site.

I’m clueless why Pioneer American and Native American artifacts are mixed together in an obviously purely ceremonial construct. Yet, there it was!

Then, as mysteriously as it stopped, the CRV fired back up again and I was on my way.

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