The Lure of Spider Rock

Most times – during many lonely hours going from here to there out on the open road – a lot of great photo opps are squandered because of bad timing or poor lighting.

But occasionally, the stars align. By chance, you drive near a place at the right moment.

I was barreling down hwy 191 minding my own business when, suddenly, I was in Chinle, Arizona on a hot afternoon just before sunset after a soul-cleansing rain.

Perhaps the prospect of ice cream exerted undo influence, but the CRV just veered left on its own up toward nearby Canyon de Chelly.

Spider Rock! I must see Spider Rock.

So, off I went.

Chinle is not only the name of a town, but it’s also the name of a 200-240 million year old geologic formation from the Late Triassic (Mesozoic) epoch.

This canyon is chucked full of the stuff!

Chinle is one of the many geologic rock formations that provides the southwest with its rich red colors. This time of day, though, it was bathing in the golden rays of late afternoon sun breaking through the clouds.

When unrushed at other times in other seasons, Canyon de Chelly has other offerings…

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2 Responses to The Lure of Spider Rock

  1. anniedm778 says:

    Beautiful photos! You were in the right place at the right moment to capture that sweet golden lighting!

    • azleader says:

      Thanks for your very kind remarks. Give some credit to the CRV… it seems to have a mind of its own. Pretty soon it’ll start telling me how to take pictures. 😉 😉

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