Fantasy Canyon or Goblin Gulch?

Some places don’t seem like they are named proper. Fantasy Canyon is one of them.

It is located up in northeastern Utah near Vernal.

It’s at the edge of a great big working oil and gas field all lit up at night that you have to drive through to get there. It is a tiny little no-man’s land between the badlands above and the valley floor below.

There are pump jacks in the neighborhood and a dilapidated drilling rig sits nearby it’s dreary grey formations.

Note nearby drilling rig to the right just behind the formations. Fantasy Canyon is between them

If it’s a canyon at all, it’s a mini-canyon. It can’t be more than 50 feet deep and a quarter mile long. I doesn’t qualify as a slot canyon.

A round resting bench sits smack dab in the middle.

Its one of those little places its name you’ll have to judge for yourself.

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