Azleader Revealed!

I’ve always had a very strict policy… no pictures of me. None. Perhaps, its time to change.

So… for the first time ever outside post office walls and police mug shots… I’ve decided to reveal the real, unfiltered me for all the world to see. That is a big step for me.

For many years I resisted. Its not like I’m ugly or have a wart on my nose. Quite the contrary. I’ve often been likened to Yanni.

But my philosophy is this… its all about the image, not about the photographer.

There are those who say I have a public duty to come out from behind the lens.

My story, they say, has lessons for the whole world. It serves up a cornucopia of learning experiences. Some good. Some not so good.

Many in Phoenix still recall a life-threatening ordeal I went through some years back in the scorching Sonora Desert. I spend 8-12 days wandering aimlessly without food, water or shelter in 1o5-110 degree daily heat… totally unprepared… yet lived to tell the tale.

Shows area of Azleader’s desert experience, but not Azleader

A horrible heat stroke death, I’m told, should have been my fate. Glad I didn’t know that. Desert skills honed during countless photo safaris pulled me through.

I can tell you this, it is disconcerting to see vultures circling overhead and then realize they are circling YOU!

For years, in bars and taverns throughout the Southwest, I’ve recounted the story how I overcame the odds. Others buy rounds of beer for the raptured audience. I could write a book on desert survival.

Women marvel at the adventure. They wonder, what kind of man does it take to challenge the wilderness day after day?

They often ask to be taken to those far-flung places, but I always must decline and say, “Sorry, Ma’am, but it’s far to dangerous for a pretty little filly like you.”

On the other hand, there are compelling reasons for me to remain anonymous.

I’ll put it this way. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and I are on a first name basis, but he doesn’t invite me to family picnics…
ifn ya get my drift. 😉

Lets just say there are a few lawmen scattered across the southwest that I’d rather not exchange pleasantries with again.

Interest in Living Among Landscapes! is growing, especially among the fairer sex. Who knew so many pretty ladies like photography?

So, for that reason, I should not, neigh, CANNOT deny them seeing the real me.

Without further ado…

Azleader in his natural habitat

About azleader

Learning to see life more clearly... one image at a time!
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4 Responses to Azleader Revealed!

  1. Paul Thopmson says:

    Now that the Fair Ladies know what you look like, there’s no hope for me!

  2. Lyn Cokeley says:

    We love it! As we have loved all of them…..Ruth and Lyn

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