Suevi Warriors Revisited

The “Suevi Warriors” are a tiny set of extraordinary yellow pedestal hoodoos on a narrow isthmus tucked away in a forgotten corner of New Mexico’s San Juan Basin.

Don’t bother looking for them on any map. You won’t find them. They aren’t there. However, they do grace the banner across the top of Living Among Landscapes!

I once drove 750 miles (1,200 km) out of my way to photograph them the very first time.

“Suevi Warriors” –  First Visit!

They are a favorite photo study.

Being in the neighborhood this trip, I dropped by to visit my old friends again.

They have no real name. “Suevi Warriors” is what I made up to describe them. Wilderness landscape photographers do stuff like that.

Their yellow colored pedestals makes this little group different from all other hoodoos.

“Suevi” is a Germanic word meaning “one’s own people”. At some angles they also look menacing and ready to do battle… hence, “Suevi Warriors”.

Of course, no quickie morning visit to see the Suevi Warriors is complete without a pit stop at nearby Mr. Petrified Tree Stump. Most of his friends call him “Stumpy”.

“Stumpy”, the petrified tree stump

There is a lot of cool views packed into a tiny, tiny space…

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8 Responses to Suevi Warriors Revisited

  1. karmami says:

    These photos are about the most amazing photos I have ever seen. There are full of mystery , intrigue and enchanting beauty… I just love them. Thanks for sharing . This must of been such a wonderful experience to get to see them with your own eyes….

  2. karmami says:

    Reblogged this on vienaqui and commented:
    Must see photographs …truly mysterious and breathtaking…

  3. Truly stunning, thanks for sharing this part of the world for all to see. MM 🌞

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