Parking Lot # 3: Crazy Hill

Parking Lot # 3 is one of the most fascinating little world class picture places in the entire western United States.

They don’t tell you that on their flimsy Valley of Fire State Park brochure. The brochure, however, features a black and white photo of Parking Lot # 3’s most famous destination: The Fire Wave!

But that’s not even close to all there is to see.

In the opposite direction and only half the distance as the famous Fire Wave is “Crazy Hill”.

I don’t think that’s a name you’ll find on any official map, it’s only on some hard-core hiker maps.

It’s called Crazy Hill by wayward photographers because… welll… it’s crazy colored.

It’s not even a hill. It’s a half of a 15-foot high bump on top of a great big rock. You can easily walk to the top of it. Just watch out for the 200 foot drop off the other side.

I’ve fallen off big rocks. It hurts! Crazy Hill is maybe 100 feet across on the long side.

Crazy Hill is only a quarter mile hike on a rugged trail, but like everything else interesting near Parking Lot # 3, you can’t see it from the parking area or the road.

It’s colors come from impurities that very slowly leach through the sandstone over many thousands of years.

Different impurities seeped through or are sediment deposited during different epochs, hence the bands of multi-colored layers.

Wind and water erosion did the rest.

I found this place by following a helpful big horn sheep park guide that led me here.

There is a lot of other crazy stuff to see even before you get to Crazy Hill. There are crazy rocks, too.

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