Parking Lot # 3: Pastel Canyon

Near Parking Lot # 3 things are not always as they seem to be.

For example, Pastel Canyon is colorful, but not much of a canyon. It’s in Kaolin Wash that passes south of Parking Lot # 3. It’s a kinda slot canyon in the making!

Heck, give it another 10 thousand more years or so and it’ll be a full fledged slot canyon!

It has all the earmarks of a budding slot canyon. Its got a narrow streambed at the bottom and smooth, water worn limestone walls at one end.

There is a 1.5 mile very rugged loop trail from Parking Lot # 3 that takes you here.

Antelope Canyon

Slot canyons are  very tall skinny canyons with walls upwards of 200 feet or more high that are carved by flash floods.

Their biggest attraction is sunlight bouncing off the sides of the skinny canyon and bouncing their way deep down to the canyon floor beneath.

About 200 miles east is perhaps the most famous slot canyon of them all, the world famous Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ.

Only about 25 miles from there, as the crow flies, is the world’s biggest slot canyon, called Buckskin Gulch. It’s so huge it takes two whole states to hold it, Utah and Arizona.

But I digress.

Pastel Canyon has several colorful features attractive to the photo inclined.

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