Parking Lot # 3: The Fire Wave!

The Fire Wave in Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park

Parking Lot #3 itself doesn’t appear special in any way, yet it’s one of the richest little landscape photography sites in the United States. You’d never know it just driving by.

It only has one marked trail.  That trail is a little over a mile out and back on a sandy trail and bare rock to the world renowned Fire Wave.

Credit: John Crossley,

Most folks just do that one out-and-back hike. However, there’s an unmarked continuation loop trail with more photo ops to see that circles you back to Parking Lot # 3.

You just drop down into Kaolin Wash and hang a right after visiting the Fire Wave,

That very rustic, unmarked trail takes you to Pastel Canyon, Swoosh Rock, Crazy Hill and other interesting stops.

It’s less than a 2-mile loop hike.

However, wilderness landscape photographers treat trails more or less like a suggestion where to go, but follows the light wherever it leads.

Here are some early morning captures at the Fire Wave…

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2 Responses to Parking Lot # 3: The Fire Wave!

  1. Anne N says:

    Fabulous landscape!

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